Is your diaper balm cloth diaper safe?

The diaper balm has not caused any of our diaper inserts to repel.  However, because it is oil based, it could stain.  As with any barrier cream or balm it is suggested to use a liner to protect your diapers.  (I use FLIP and AMP diaper inserts and use my diaper balm on every diaper change and haven’t had any problems.


Are your containers BPA free?

Yes.  And I order all my containers and ingredients with in B.C.


Who do you use for your photography?

Crystal Lynn Photography


What happened to my balm, it has a grainy texture now.

As temperatures change, virgin coconut oil and shea/mango butters consistency will change.  This can cause the texture to get a bit grainy.  This does not mean that there is anything wrong with it.  This happens with natural ingredients through temperature change.

If you want to get it back to normal follow these steps: Carefully heat the balm until fully melted.  Then quickly pop into the fridge to get it back to its regular consistency.   Remove once the balm is hard again.
Rub the balm a bit between your fingers to warm it up and the beady/grainy texture will disappear.  Then apply as usual.


Do you have any sample sizes?

No we don’t have any sample sizes.  However, coming soon we have a try me pack of our popular items you can purchase.